3 features available with the LG Instaview refrigerator

3 features available with the LG Instaview refrigerator

LG is a household name and have built their brand image well. They have strived to enhance the average consumer’s life. LG offers a plethora of appliances equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. They have managed to deliver efficient products ranging from air conditioners, mobile communications, and home entertainment to vehicle components and home appliances.

The LG Instaview Door is the latest addition to the wide variety of LG refrigerators available. Their existing refrigeration range consists of side-by-side refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, double door refrigerators, and single door refrigerators.

The LG Instaview Door series comes in various models of side-by-side, French 3-door, and 4-door models. The Instaview model offers a unique feature that allows you to see what is inside the refrigerator by just knocking on the door without actually opening the door itself. This new technology allows you to peek into your fridge as knocking on it will illuminate the inside without letting any cold air get away. The door-in-door model also allows you to have two compartments separated by doors to retain cooling and freshness.

The following are three features that are available with your new Instaview refrigerator.

Using Wi-Fi enabled features
The Instaview door features a 29-inch touch LCD display that becomes transparent with two knocks on the screen allowing the users to look inside without opening the fridge. It comes equipped with WebOS that allows users to explore a variety of Wi-Fi enabled features. You can access Amazon’s Alexa Voice Services to play music, order Amazon Prime-eligible products, set timers, search recipes, and so on.

Using virtual stickers
The WebOS, with the help of the Smart Tag menu, allows you to tag your food and add virtual stickers to help indicate which items are there. You can even tag your food and add expiry dates for the same. The refrigerator alerts you when the expiry date is nearing. You can also create to-do lists using this feature.

Using the door alarm to make sure your fridge is closed
The door alarm lets you know if your refrigerator is not completely closed and will keep beeping until the door is closed. This will keep cool air from escaping and will keep your food fresh. The refrigerator door can be left open due to a number of reasons. This alarm reminds them to close the door and helps save energy as well.