5 popular Roth IRA funds to choose from

5 popular Roth IRA funds to choose from

Every individual spends a lot of time and efforts in planning for their retirement. The income generated throughout your life will help you live a comfortable life once you retire. A Roth IRA (individual retirement account) is an ideal place to park your funds for retirement. You can put money into the account after paying income tax on the same and then your account will grow tax-free. During your retirement, you will not be required to pay any taxes on the withdrawals if you follow the rules. It will give you more financial freedom than you have right now.

Here are the best Roth IRA funds for 2018.

The fund is an extensive planning tool and has a simple and quick account opening process. You may enjoy robust customer service at minimum account fees.

Merrill Edge
The fund has no minimum account balance requirement and offers robust customer service for minimal processing fees. It has a seamless integration and a single login access to the Roth IRA account and the Bank of America account.

Ally Invest
Ally Invest has a low commission and no minimum account balance requirement, which makes it an ideal choice for investors. It also has no annual fees and offers a solid suite of research for customers who are active and like to make investment decisions after thorough research. It also has the lowest fee per trade.

E-Trade has a large lineup of mutual funds in addition to an extensive library of retirement advice and tools. There is no minimum account balance requirement and no transaction fee for a number of mutual funds.

Buffalo Discovery Fund
The Buffalo Discovery Fund is a growth fund worth considering. It is fairly small, which means that the managers can make meaningful investments across small and midsized companies. It has performed well in the last five years and the portfolio managers have a disciplined approach to finding opportunities that will increase their returns.

Fidelity Balanced Fund
The Balanced Fund is also known as an asset allocation fund, which invests into assets and bonds. It brings stability and maintains a certain level of growth. It has generated significant gains in the last five years and it targets large-cap stocks. However, the bond portfolio remains conservative and that is how the balance is maintained between stocks and bonds.

Investors need to consider the retirement annuity rates when making an investment decision. Starting early is the key here. In order to generate wealth in the long term, it is important to make investment decisions at an early stage and choose funds that have a strong growth history and meet your financial requirements.