8 types of coupons you should know about

8 types of coupons you should know about

A coupon is a voucher that entitles a person to claim a discount.
Coupons are a great way to save money. Coupons are generally specific and have descriptions where the duration for which it’s valid is mentioned. Coupons are offered by all kinds of stores to attract customers and boost their sales. Before using a coupon, it is important to go through and read the claims given by the proprietor. At the same time, ensure your coupon is not a fake one. It is always better to verify it and clear any qualms you may have before making your purchase.

Here are 8 types of coupons you should know about:

Manufacturer Coupons
These are coupons released by manufacturers. The aim is to increase the demand for the products by attracting customers. These are issued by retailers and accepted by store owners. The manufacturers reimburse the store owners once they show them the coupons. You can find such coupons in the newspapers.

Store Coupons
These coupons are issued by the store owner. It has no ties to the manufacturer. All the discounts are absorbed by the store owner. They don’t generally allow more than one coupon to be used on a product. They are available across several products. UK coupons food fall under this category and are wildly popular.

Grocery Coupons
These are coupons issued by grocery shops and are generally product specific. The coupons can be weekly or weekend coupons. Their validity is generally over a small period of time.

Digital Coupons
Several retailers are now emailing their customers coupons through newsletters. Digital coupons are also distributed through social media websites. Several grocers distribute food coupons to their customers by sending it to their phones.

Promotional Coupons
The basic idea behind promotional coupons is to popularize products and attract customers. It is generally implemented by newly opened stores. For example, if a grocer opens a store in an area where there is competition, promotional coupons will help boost business.

These are popular UK coupons that are named after the company that printed coupons on a box. They are generally printed on the back of the receipt. Catalinas are also provided by grocers and restaurants. These UK food coupons are widely popular for their varied discounts.

These coupons are mostly printed by the manufacturers. You’ll find them pasted on the products. They generally have a discount of 1025%. These are available as clothes, electronics, and also on food items.

These are also a type of coupon that allows you to get a refund. The main idea behind this is to make customers purchase products and then provide them with a refund. This is a marketing technique used to attract customers by promising them a cash back on their purchases.