Advantages and disadvantages of using email

Advantages and disadvantages of using email

The easiest way to create, send and receive email is by using an email program like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc. You can create your personal email ID with which you can send and receive emails. Most of the email services provide a huge storage space with free email accounts. All of the servers make use of standard tools which makes it easy to use. Your personal email account can be accessed from any computer device that one login with provided with an internet connection. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of emails:

User-friendly: If you have deleted an important mail unknowingly, you can still retrieve it from trash folder. You can manage data, contacts, send and receive emails swiftly, maintain your mail history and store important emails and files.

They are quick: You can send and receive instant emails within seconds anywhere across the globe. No other services will ever match the speed of an email. There are options to forward the same mail to multiple users concurrently, thus saving a lot of time.

Easy to set up emails: As most of the email services come up with a flexible program, you can easily delete unwanted messages and keep those are important. It is also easy to prioritize emails with the help of subject lines.

It is safe to use and reliable: Emails are one of the secure ways of communication and sharing important documents. Although hackers try to find loophole to break the code, there are constant upgradations happening to improve the security of the online emails

Viruses and malware: There are websites which spread potential harm to the computer system and the saved files. Make sure that your anti-viruses are top-rated and updated often to prevent sending files that are viruses affected. In this case, the recipients need to scan the file before they can open it. Malwares are designed to damage and gain authorized access to the computer system.

Spam: Emails that are a part of promotional purpose that come up with unsolicited messages and unwanted advertisements can be termed as spam emails. It is hard to check and deleted spam mails one at a time hence there is a default spam folder where all spam emails get automatically stored.

Hacking: Hacking is the process of finding and exploiting the weakness in computer systems to gain access. In such a form of security, breach emails are snatched by the hackers.

Chances of misinterpretations: Emails are unlike phone calls and personal meetings. Hence, you need to type right and check the tone of the message before sending.