Best deals on men’s Timberland boots

Best deals on men’s Timberland boots

We all know that boots never run out of style. But good quality boots are hard to find and afford. You have to look at both the quality and appearance and Timberland provides both. What makes Timberland stand out from the rest is that some component of the boots is made up of recycled materials. This makes them environment-friendly. For all of you who are obsessed with boots, here are the top discounts on Timberland:

Save $50 On Men’s Timberland Brogue Boots
These waterproof boots are made of Premium full-grain leather uppers. With these boots, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. The Timberland brogue boots are designed to keep your feet warm. One of the unique features of these boots is that the laces are made to remain tied. Previously priced at $250, these boots are now available at $200 making it within your budget. These elegant boots are available in sand and gray colors.

Save $50 On Men’s West Haven Chukka Boots
These premium full-grain leather chukkas are both classic and chic. Pair them with your jeans or your formals and you are sure to shine. These boots come with anti-fatigue technology to ensure exceptional comfort to your feet. These boots that were previously available for $160 are now available at $110. These chukka boots are available in tan and black colors.

Save $70 On Men’s Britton Hill Moc Toe Waterproof Boots
Don’t let the rain affect your style. These waterproof boots help keep your feet dry no matter what the weather conditions. Pair these boots with jeans or fitness pants and you are good to go. These Britton Hill Mac Toe Waterproof Boots are also equipped with anti-fatigue technology to provide maximum comfort and support. The laces on these boots are engineered to remain tied and are made of 100% recycled nylon. What’s more? You get a whopping $70 off on these beauties which make them available at just $130.

Save $50 On Men’s Thorton Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots
Suitable for all seasons, these hiking boots are going to be your all time favorites. Be it for hiking or for a road trip, these boots can handle it all. These boots are made of breathable, waterproof material and give you utmost comfort with their anti-fatigue technology. These hiking boots are equipped with a fully gusseted tongue that keeps the debris out. Priced at $140 previously, they are now available at $90.

Save $45 On Men’s Brogue Euro Hiker boots
A perfect blend of comfort and style, these come with a modern twist on the classic leather boots. Equipped with Vibram outsoles, these boots provide maximum flexibility and traction for all your rocky journeys. Previously priced at $175, these are now available at $130.