Best email service providers

Best email service providers

Here is a quick comparison of the best Email service providers with amazing storage, flexibility, effective spam filtering, fast and productive web interface which is accessible on any mobile device.

Zoho mail: Zoho is the best for both personal and business mailing. It offers a part of Zoho workplace an integrated suite of nine applications including Zoho Docs, connect, and office suite. By using Zoho you can experience ad-free, clean email that provides less interface alongside features furnished for professional use. Having an email relationship with your team can be frustrating Zoho provides a social media style created for communication purpose within your email. You can experience a non-confusing easy to share mail and even the entire folder more than just like an exchange of messages. They provide a full-fledged calendar where you can organize your day better.

Gmail: Gmail is an essential part of Google and with very minimal designs it gives out its high professional look. Most of the screen is occupied by the inbox and you don’t have to facility to view both the inbox and an email at the same time. There is no option to secure particular mails in a folder rather you have the option to attach labels like work, personal and family. We love the approach of how it automatically filters the emails into Promotions, social, primary and forums. There are various ways to view the emails and the default shows them in date order. It’s easy and painless to switch over to Gmail as the information can be imported from any other account.

Outlook: Microsoft Outlook enables you to browse the inbox and read the email at the same time. It is pretty amazing to organize your emails by dragging it all in one folder and adding new folders is effortless. You can optimize your important mails to focused inbox and create more categories and rules to direct incoming mails to categories. One cannot conclude without mentioning about the resolving calendar features that automatically adds travel and flight schedule from email onto your calendar so that you can quickly refer to those travel plans when you need.

Yahoo! mail: With Yahoo mail, you can connect yourself with all your existing accounts and helps to view all the massages at one place. In similar way of other email providers yahoo has the selective folders for storing the emails and you can organize them or open new folders creating filters for the incoming files to automatically drop in. You can mark the important mails and add them to a separate file and read them when you want. The enhanced search option lets you find emails, images, files, contacts from all connected mailboxes.