Here are some popular LG front loading washer and dryer sets

Here are some popular LG front loading washer and dryer sets

LG has made itself an envious place in the electronics industry in the US and all over the world, thanks to all the innovative products and product features it brings out. The brand is especially popular for its home and kitchen appliances. One such category is the washers and dryers category.

Here are some of the best LG washer and dryer sets in front-loading that is worth exploring your options if you are in the market to buy a new washer and dryer set:

LG 4.5 cu.Ft Front Load Washer w/Steam and 7.4 cubic feet Dryer w/Steam

This LG washer and dryer set comprise of the LG WM3670HWA washer and the LG DLEX3370W dryer and is sold exclusively by Sears at a price of USD 1357.28. The washer is capable of handling a really large load of laundry at a time with its 4.5 cubic feet wash drum. The washer uses steam to help you obtain a super clean and satisfying washing experience. It also has a dedicated Allergiene cycle feature that uses steam to gently but effectively wash away dander allergens.

The dryer too like the washer in this LG washer and dryer set can effectively tackle large laundry loads. You don’t even have to set any temperature or cycle as the dryer has sensors that detect the load and automatically choose the temperature and cycle time accordingly.

LG 5.2 Cubic Feet Mega Capacity Front Load Washer with Turbowash & 9.0 cup. ft. Dryer with TurboSteam

This LG dryer and washer set offer a premium washing experience, thanks to all the high-tech features it includes. This set comprises of the LG WM9000HWA mega capacity front load washer and the LG DLEX9000W mega capacity electric dryer.

This LG washer and dryer bundle is ideal for medium to large households that have huge loads of laundry. The washer can easily clean bulky items like bedding very efficiently with the Turbowash feature. The dryer uses the LG Turbo Steam Technology which gives you wrinkle-free clothes that smell amazing.

LG WM1388HW, DLEC888W 2.2 cubic feet Compact Washer & 4.2 cubic feet Electric Condensing Dryer Bundle

This compact LG washer and dryer is ideal for those looking for a washer and dryer bundle to fit in a small space in their laundry area. The bundle includes the LG WM1388HW front load washer and the LG DLEC888W electric dryer. Despite its compactness, the washer from this LG washer and dryer set can take on a decent load of laundry clothes. The wash drum has sensors to help you automatically set the right temperature and water level according to the load put in the machine. The washer is designed to ensure a noise-free operation, no matter how large the load is or how fast the cycle is.

The dryer offers versatile drying options with its 14 preset drying cycles. Like the washer, the dryer to has sensors to detect the weight of the load and automatically dries the clothes for the appropriate time. It also has the LoDecibel LG motor that ensures no noise during operation so that you can do your laundry at any time of the day or night.

All the above-mentioned front-loading washers and dryers are sold exclusively by Sears at an attractive price. There are more such exclusive LG washer and dryer sets worth exploring available at Sears in top loading style as well and in different colors as well. These washers and dryers are available in different capacities to suit different laundry needs.