Best Options for Cheap Cricket Cell Phones

Best Options for Cheap Cricket Cell Phones

Cricket Wireless Network is one of the most popular vendors for wireless connectivity in the market. This network provides some great deals on affordable phones. Cricket delivers fantastic connectivity as well as trusted brands for the handset. Here are some of the most budget-friendly options to consider when you are looking for cheap Cricket cell phones:

ZTE Prelude™+
One of the best phones to go with Cricket Wireless Network, the ZTE Prelude™+ boasts of a 5.9-inch screen and 8GB internal memory. Customers can expand this memory to 32GB. It also comes with a front and rear camera. All of these features come at a price of around $39.99. Also, the black and silver color variants are suitable for all ages.

Coolpad Canvas
If you’re looking for cheap Cricket cell phones, then this model is worth considering. It comes with a 16GB memory and an amazing 5-megapixel front camera. With this camera and storage capacity, you can capture and store all your memories without any worries. Additionally, its 8 MP rear camera is also quite amazing. This model is mostly sold in black color and is available for $49.99 approximately. It is equipped with Android Nougat, which is one of the most successful Android platforms.

Cricket Wave
Available for around $49.99, this model is best compatible with Cricket Wireless Network. Thus, it is one of the best options when it comes to cheap Cricket cell phones. It has 16GB memory and comes in a deep blue color. It also has a quad-core processor and 4G LTE connectivity.

LG Risio 3
While this model is a little more expensive than the other cheap Cricket cell phones mentioned on our list, it is still quite affordable. It costs nearly $69.99, has 16GB storage, and comes with a quad-core processor. The screen’s dimension is 5 inches, and it has a Full High Definition (HD) display, making it your ultimate companion for entertainment.

With a price tag of $29.99 approximately, this phone is a throwback to the age where flip phones were all the rage. It has a 4GB expandable storage and also comes with a 4G LTE network connectivity. However, it is suitable for basic features such as texting and calling only.