Best Portable Audio and Video Players to Choose From

Best Portable Audio and Video Players to Choose From

Music is life and when you can see what you are hearing at the same time, what else do you need? With a portable audio and video player, you can enjoy music and watch videos anywhere, anytime. Using a traditional music system with speakers and amplifiers is not convenient, whereas a portable audio and video player can be used anywhere. With portable audio/MP3 player, you can take your favorite tunes with you on the go. Whether it is an outdoor family gathering or a trip to a beach, you can carry a portable music system and enjoy the beats.

Top portable audio players

You can listen to music on any portable audio player, but only a top-notch music player will deliver the best results. We have listed out some of the best portable players which will give you an ultimate experience.


One of the first companies to launch the portable audio player in the market, Astell&Kern’s products (AK Jr and Kann) delivers great sound. With 64GB of internal storage, high Bluetooth connectivity, and a stellar battery life, Astell&Kern players promise a lifetime experience for any music lover.


Tiny and portable audio players, FiiO models (M3 and X3 2nd Gen) are inexpensive deals if you do not want to spend too much. With enough space for over 200 MP3 albums, the interface is quite intuitive.

Sony Digital Audio Player

Sony NW-WM1Z is the recently launched flagship portable audio player which is built with great features. With a 4-inch touchscreen display, the digital player has DSEE HX technology, responsible for the high-resolution music. With a generous storage capacity of 256GB, the portable audio player supports many audio files.


If you are looking for great audio, the Opus portable audio player is the right choice. With a fabulous build, the digital audio player offers amazing audio spec features and internal 128GB capacity.

Apple iPod Touch

Ideal for iTunes users, Apple iPod Touch is the most versatile and easiest portable audio player in the market. Controlled using an ultra-responsive touchscreen, it is the best-looking player available in 32GB and 128GB version.

Top portable video players

If you are bored of listening to music on portable audio players and want to watch films, TV shows, video clips on-the-move, then go for a portable video player with clear screens and a big storage capacity.

Archos 400 30 GB Pocket Media Assistant (PMA400)

The PMA400 series Pocket Media Assistant is a Linux-based portable video player with 30GB internal storage capacity. Capable of performing several functions such as recording directly from TV, playing videos, browsing the Internet, and listening to music, PMA400 is a slim pocket-size handy media player. You can also store and view photos and read PDF files using the PMA.

Philips Portable Video Player

Now you can simply watch movies on-the-go with the Philips PV7005 portable video player that plays all digital media files. Enjoy videos and music up to 3 hours continuously with a single charge on the 7-inch touchscreen. The color LCD display gives life to images and provides the same enriching experience as good-quality color prints. Expandable up to 32GB memory, the SD card stores all your photographs and videos.

Apple iPod Nano

Apple’s iPod Nano 16GB Slate (7th generation) is an ultraportable audio and video player with a larger 2.5-inch color display. With this brilliant audio player, you can play your favorite numbers or listen to FM radio up to 30 hours. Watch unlimited movies and widescreen videos on multi-touch screen with 240 x 432-pixel resolution. iPod Nano comes with a built-in pedometer that keeps a track of your steps, miles, and calories while syncing with the Nike+ website. With a 16GB memory, it is the thinnest iPod ever with only 5.4-mm.