Best small sized SUVs in the country

Best small sized SUVs in the country

The SUV is very quickly emerging as a popular choice in the family cars segment with a large number of American and international SUV manufacturers vying for a share in this segment. While the Honda CR-V remains a top pick closely followed by Ford, BMW, and Toyota, there are several manufacturers of small sized compact SUVs who are also recording significant volumes of sales.

Here are some of the most popular small sized SUVs available in the American market.

The Lexus NX from the Toyota stable offers a car-like feel but with greater height. It also features flexible cargo space, making it popular among buyers of smaller SUVs.

When you plan on driving off-road especially on uneven terrain, the Jeep Renegade is a good option. Its closest competitors in the same segment are the Honda HR-V and the Chevy Trax.

Priced in the range of $24,000 the Fiat 500 X offers a sleek outer body with ease of handling and turning. It runs on both a six-speed manual transmission and a nine speed automatic and is available at an affordable price for someone looking for a subcompact SUV.

In the luxury subcompact SUV segment, the Mercedes Benz GLA is a sure winner both from the point of its sleek exteriors as well the quality of engineering, promising a smooth ride. A close competitor in the subcompact luxury SUV segment is Audi’s Q3 which has an upscale design.

The Kia Sportage which features an athletic looking exterior and comes with a turbocharged engine is yet another popular pick in the small sized SUV segment.

The Escape, from Ford, offers a good amount of sitting space and with its turbocharged engines and sleek design remains popular on most best SUV lists.

Providing excellent fuel economy and mileage, the Nissan Rogue adopts user-friendly technology that promises ease of driving and passenger comfort.

Volvo’s XC50 is a top notch pick in the luxury SUV segment and is famous both for its high degree of compliance with motoring safety standards and also for its ease of driving, sufficient leg room, and cargo space.