Different types and uses of large outdoor planters

Different types and uses of large outdoor planters

Large outdoor planters are used in landscaping in commercial premises, public facilities like hospitals, government buildings, commercial complexes, schools, and in large private gardens. They can also be used as attractive decor outside large entryways. Below is some information about the different types and uses of large outdoor planters.

Types of large outdoor planters
Large outdoor planters come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and features. Read on to find more information about the same:

Shapes– Large planters are available as big round pots, wide rectangular boxes, large square boxes, shallow square containers to grow herbs in, and decorative pieces that look like water pots, jugs, baskets etc.

Sizes– These planters can come in many sizes, shallow or deep, square or round, wide and narrow or large rectangles. Depending on the number of plants you want to grow in them and the type of plants like flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees etc., you should choose the size and depth.

Materials– Large outdoor planters are made of many different materials like ceramic, terra cotta, plastic, cement, clay, or metal. Porous materials allow excess water to drain away, preventing roots from getting waterlogged and rotting away. In hard, non-porous materials like metal or plastic, you should drill holes to ensure drainage.

Self-watering large outdoor planters– For plants that need regular watering, you can purchase self-watering containers. These use many systems like wicking, vacuum techniques, etc. They are ideal systems for facilities where regular watering might not be possible.

Uses of large outdoor planters
Large outdoor planters can be used in large spaces, near doorways, as window boxes, to mark borders, etc. Below are some uses of large outdoor planters:

Commercial planters– As mentioned above, large outdoor planters are ideal for large spaces, public squares, front gardens of schools, libraries, business offices, etc. They can also be used in large private gardens as accent pieces, as patio planters, as border markers along driveways, and so on. Even in small houses, large and wide planters can be used as window boxes, near front doors, near gates etc.

Large outdoor planters to grow trees– If you do not have a garden, but have a large balcony or a terrace, you may be able to grow some types of trees in large deep outdoor planters. Make sure that these planters are filled with enough soil or other fillers and enough room is provided for the roots to branch out. As these trees do not grow on regular soil, you need to water them frequently, add fertilizers, and ensure that they get enough sunlight.

Multiple plants in one planter– You can combine a set of different plants in a single large outdoor planter. In very large outdoor planters, you can combine a centerpiece tall plant, low growing plants that will cover the surface, and some hanging flower plants around the corners. Ensure that each plant has enough space for growth and that each plant receives an adequate amount of water, fertilizers, and enough sunlight.

You can even use old pails, wicker baskets, kiddie pools, water barrels, etc as large planters in the outdoors. Wicker baskets can only be used for a short time so they can be used for seasonal plants. Others can last longer.