Exterior paint designs for creative minds

Exterior paint designs for creative minds

A lot of us spend quite a lot of time and effort in decorating the interiors of our homes. But, have you ever thought of painting it outside? Seems rather out of the ordinary doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be anymore. If you do not like painting the outside of your house in just a plain color or two, don’t worry. Here are some great exterior paint color ideas where you can learn how to design the exterior of your house with great paint shades.

The first exterior paint color ideas is painting the exterior by giving an illusion of bricks. Instead of a plain rustic red, why don’t you transform it into rectangular boxes? Your house looks even warmer and rustic and gives the good old country look to it! Add in a chimney, paint a brick design on it too, and you have your picture perfect house. The color of the bricks’ can also be white or several shades of brown at the same time.

The next design is based of on trees. Can you guess which part? A popular exterior paint design is wood. Wood inspired paint designs gives a sense of living in the wilderness, even if the house is in the city. It inspires ideas of campfire, tents and great conversations and laughter with family. Often log cabins in the woods are made of actual wood, but if you are in the city, the best way to replicate it, is painting the exterior of your house like it.

Much like the previous idea, this one is also from nature-stones! By painting the exterior of the house like stones, you give a cozy and cottage kind feeling to it. The stones can be rectangular or squared or how ever you would like. If painted correctly, you wont be able to see the difference between an actual stone wall and your house!

Next, if you want to give your house a vintage look, painting cracks on your wall will certainly give that effect. Your actual house will suffer no actual damage, but the artwork will make sure it looks like it! Nothing screams ancient than a cracking’ building!

Finally, you can always paint the exterior to look like marble. Unfortunately, an actual house made of marble would be really expensive, but who said you shouldn’t paint it to look like one? Just a few strokes here and there and voila! Your house looks like it is made of marble and would fool anyone as long as they don’t know the truth.

These are simple, common design ideas. But, you can always transform a back garden wall into a mural, or paint a scene or picture that you like. Follow these ideas and bring that grandeur look to your humble homes but feel free to get creative.