How To Babyproof Your Home In Simple Steps

How To Babyproof Your Home In Simple Steps

Are you aware that research shows that indoor injuries are one of the most common causes for kids under the age of three have E.R. visits?

Yes, it is true. In fact, many parents, especially first timers, are vulnerable to not guessing the potential hazards that their toddlers might come across. And they find out the hard way.

The problem here is that parents either lack awareness about health and baby-care or the fact that a lot of parents underestimate what their toddlers can manage to pull off.

So, in this guide, you will come to know of all the possible wrong things every room of your house may have and how you can install some positive, safe spots in your house.

Living Room

• The first health and baby-care tip is to make sure that furniture pieces like coffee tables, T.V. stands, and anything that has a sharp edge should be kept far away from a kid’s reach. As for a two-feet-tall toddler, the sharp edges will be at an eye-level distance, risking the eyes of your toddler.

• If your living area has a stairway to the next floor, install a baby gate so that your baby does not try climbing the steps when you’re not around.

• Check the room for any breakables like glass pieces or vases and keep them out of your toddler’s reach.

• Make sure that if you have a fireplace then it is covered. Also, items like candles and matches are kept inside the drawers.


  • A health and baby-care tip to keep in mind is to have the power strips at the back of the bed or a cupboard. This would ensure that your toddler cannot reach the power strips to plug in or unplug any cord; thus, saving him/her from accidental electrocution.
  • Make sure that the windows in the bedroom have window guards.
  • Toys like balloons and crayons should be kept away from reach as your kid can choke on them and die.
  • Don’t forget to check if your dresser is safe and does not have sharp edges. Tip-over-related injuries are common among toddlers.
  • Another health and baby-care tip is to check for is whether the baby’s crib is safely installed. Avoid buying traditional drop-side cribs in which there is a possibility of your kid getting stuck between the mattress and the crib.


• Your kitchen has a lot of items that are extremely harmful to your toddler.

• When you are installing an oven, make sure that it is at a height and the door is not easy to open.

• Ensure that the refrigerator has a latch so that your kid cannot open it on his/her own.

• Keep all the small kitchen appliances and cutlery far from the kid’s reach.

• Another concern should be your kid ingesting detergent. To avoid such cases, make sure that your dishwasher is always locked.


• Try investing in a bathroom-door system where the door won’t shut completely. Thereby, you can prevent your kid’s fingers and toes from getting stuck while they slam the door.

• One of the most important health and baby-care tip to keep in mind is to mop the floor every time you use the bathroom and stay clear of water puddles.

• Always keep the toilet seat lid covered because your kid might stick his/her head in if you leave him/her unmonitored.

• One more health and baby-care advice to keep in mind is always to check the water temperature before you place your baby in the bathtub.

• Make sure that you do not leave your hair dryer plugged on or your lens case on the bathroom counter.

So, is your house child proof and ready for your newborn?