How to choose a weekend getaway designer handbag?

How to choose a weekend getaway designer handbag?

Weekend getaways are fun, except all the packing and trudging around with suitcases. With handbags coming in various shapes, colors and designs, it’s not surprising to find some of them replace the need for carrying traditional luggage. Insert weekend getaway handbags.

A weekend getaway handbag is not only spacious but ultra portable. You can pack all your essentials in it and carry it along for your holiday or weekend vacation. The best part is that they are equipped to meet every condition and can last for much longer trips or vacations.

Super adaptable and versatile, a weekend getaway designer handbag can offer you a seamless blend of functionality, portability, and flexibility. Here’s what to look for when buying your first weekend getaway designer handbag.

Choosing the right type: There’s duffel bags, tote bags, and rolling bags, each with its own set of pros and cons. Duffel bags are bulky and can pack a wallop. If you need something big and spacious, consider buying a duffle bag. A good one to pick is the Canvas Duffel Bag offered by Ross Stores. Tote bags are super portable but lack in the space department a bit when compared to duffel bags. Tote bags are on trend in the fashion industry and look very stylish. If you need a blend of space and looks, consider getting one of those Floral Printed Handbags. These feature elegant designs with trendy fabric material and excellent handiwork. Rolling bags offer some of the best structure, much better than what you’d get from duffel or tote handbags. These are best suited for airport travels.

Pick the right material: Get the right fabric and you’ll be a happy handbag user. So, how do you choose it? Very simple really. Think function. If you want a durable handbag which lasts the tests of time, pick a leather handbag. Leather handbags are timeless, alluring and can last the longest in terms of material types. The second option is canvas and nylon. These are very easy to wash and maintain. Versatile multiple colors and patterns, canvas and nylon are best suited for those who have an eye for aesthetics. Wool and cotton fabrics are great too although they are susceptible to stains and water. These are amongst the most affordable. Recycled Materials handbags are the cheapest of the lot and are budget-friendly handbags. Save the environment, save some money.

Extra features: See whether the handbag you end up buying offers removable shoulder straps. Does it come with a coin purse? Turn the handbag inside out and analyze its material. A good handbag is made up of good, legit fabric. Another feature to look for is the number of compartments it offers and whether it comes with a zip enclosure. Handle length and size matters, but the most important thing is whether you feel comfortable with it.