How to choose the best color scheme for the bedroom

How to choose the best color scheme for the bedroom

There are many variables which contribute to the quality of sleep and stress levels that we are bound to experience in our day to day lives. Among them, a less obvious factor is the color scheme of the bedroom that people choose to paint with or use in the bed sheets or pillow covers or blankets.

While those considered as warm colors appear to be more active and attract us towards them, the cool colors, particularly the hues of blue and green tend to create a soothing effect. On the other hand, shades of violet and gray have a tendency to recede and thereby create a relaxing ambiance.

It is important to consider that there are tons of variations on the spectrum of cold colors for creating drastically different vibrations. If you find that the cool colors are not preferable, soft and subtle warm colors such as light yellow or baby pink can aim to serve your purpose. Here are what experts have to say about creating your desired bedroom and in case you are not able to decide for yourself, you can always seek the advice of professionals to help you achieve the most coveted bedroom.

Romantic bedroom
Dark colors like olive, deep violet, navy blue, charcoal and other such shades contrasted with some bright colors can create magic for the romantic bedroom. If you are particularly looking for peace and tranquility, go for the shades of blue and gray with a white layering of the bedding and all white furniture. Since the bedroom is meant to be a place for relaxation, aim to stay away from energetic colors such as deep red, bright shades of green and tropical hues. Mixing champagne and dark blue can add a fresh outlook to the bedroom.

Timeless bedroom
Many of us spend years together cuddling up on the same bed and in the same bedroom. Therefore, you must opt to make it simple and timeless. You may keep things simple, avoid following the trends and have fun with bedding options. You can throw in any pillow cover, lampshades, and side tables without worrying about whether it will be in sync or not. A pop of color and out of the box design can do a lot for your bedroom.

Choosing the best color
If there is a color that suits the taste of all people, it is white. Having a neutral color on the walls help in accentuating every aspect of the bedroom through a thoughtful and sporadic use of color. You must take time out for displaying the homes. Doing an online research on various sites and magazines will help you achieve your dream bedroom effortlessly. When you have the best wall paints in your bedroom, you should also choose the bedding option accordingly so that everything appears to be ordered and organized without digging a hole in your pocket.