How to maintain your hearing aid

How to maintain your hearing aid

If you have shed thousands of dollars on purchasing a hearing aid, it is very important to maintain it properly for increasing the longevity of your machine. Many people are unable to keep it properly, and as a result, these machines undergo considerable degradation in a few years.

Here is a simple 3 step maintenance process that will keep your hearing aid machine as new as always.

Proper storage

It is important to keep the hearing aid in a proper storage place. Don’t keep them on your ears when not in use like while you are sleeping, before taking a shower or swimming. Keep them in a moisture-free jar as this jar will act like a dehumidifier for your hearing aids. It also keeps them away from repair and damage, ultimately increasing the life of the machines.

Daily cleaning
Make sure to clean your hearing aid machine daily before putting it in the moisture-free jar and also twice a day with a cloth that facilitates easy wiping of the machine. Also check frequently whether ear wax has accumulated in the aid or not. If accumulated, clean it with a brush. Normally, retailers provide cleaning accessories like wiping cloth and a brush with every purchase. Hence one need not incur extra cost on that. Regular cleaning will ensure proper functioning of the machine for more years and also maintain hygiene around the environment.

Scheduled cleaning and check-ups
If you cannot look after the proper cleaning of the machine, then you always have the option to attend scheduled cleaning and check-ups with professionals. Even if you have purchased one out of the top 25 hearing aids available today, cleaning and check-ups will still be required. As these machines are really expensive, even retailers make sure that they last long and offer periodic check-ups and cleaning schedules for all their clients.

If you want your hearing aid machine to last longer and work as effectively as it was new, then proper maintenance of these machines is mandatory.