How to re-order checks

How to re-order checks

The banking sector has undergone many new changes with the growth of internet banking and mobile banking. Paper checks are still a very important means for financial transactions. They contain many personal details such as the name of the bank account holder, account number and so on. Each check book has a limited number of checks, and so it’s important that the account holder buys new checks either from the bank or a trusted third-party dealer when the checks are over. Each check costs an amount that differs from bank to bank; a check book can be customized with the number of checks you need. There are many ways to reorder checks online.

If you have online banking or a mobile banking account, it becomes easier for ordering checks. Ordering through one’s bank is more expensive, so people sometimes order checks from a third-party vendor. It is important that the vendor site is both secure and legitimate. The best way to ascertain this is to read reviews of the site and customer testimonials. The other ways are to call the bank’s customer service department and get the checks from the bank directly. Customers can also avail cashier checks, which will give instant cash from the bank branch.

Re-ordering checks through online banking
Log into the bank’s secure site with your provided user id and password. On entering your details, you will be directed to your page which will contain all your account details. Choose the option that says Reorder checks, and this option will ask you to confirm your details. On confirming, your order will be processed and you will receive your checks in due time.

Re-ordering checks through third-party vendor sites
Choose a site that is secure, since you will need to enter all your personal account details here. The one advantage is that the checks will be much cheaper in comparison to ordering from the bank directly. Add in your details and you will receive the checks. Once you have received your checks, check if they are authentic and contain all your bank details. It is important to confirm with your bank if third-party checks will be admissible for banking purposes.

Re-ordering checks through the bank branch and phone banking
Banks have a separate helpline to guide customers while ordering checks. This helpline will guide you. You will provide details, place the order, and receive the checks. You can also receive checks directly from the bank branch as well.

What are cashier checks?
These are checks that are available at the bank branch. These checks are for one time use only, and the amount can be withdrawn immediately from the bank account. They usually come with a fee.