How to save money at Build-A-Bear

How to save money at Build-A-Bear

Kids love to go to Build-A-Bear workshops. While most parents yearn to see their kids having a fun interactive experience at the store, the cost of every trip might dampen their enjoyment a bit. But it doesn’t have to be like this. There are ways to spend less money during your Bear-A-Build outing and still have maximum fun.

Here are some easy tips to save money at Build-A-Bear workshops.

Using Build-A-Bear coupons is one of the easiest ways to save solid cash during one of your trips to the company’s stores.

You can find coupons on the company’s website from time to time. The company’s social pages are also excellent avenues to snag some discounts and coupons. Look out for occasional contests and promotions that take place as you can win coupons as prizes.

Several online retail stores also offer Build-A-Bear coupons. So, before you head out for your kid’s new toy shopping, check for all available coupons. These coupons provide significant savings as the deals are quite good. You can shave off $5 to $10 with every purchase of $25 or more.

Buying a toy at a discounted price or through special promotions is a great way to save money.

At Build-A-Bear, you can always find some stuffed toys that are available through the clearance sale. These are often seasonal items such as Easter bunnies or cute lambs that are discounted during off-season. So, you can plan your outing a few weeks after a special holiday. This is a great way to buy toys by spending half of what you might usually pay at any of these workshops.

Always ask for special deals when you go to any Build-A-Bear workshops. You can find items on sale, free accessories and special freebies with some careful browsing around the store.

Checking the ecommerce stores for Build-A-Bear toys, outfits and accessories can be worth your while as you can score nice discounts.

One good trick to save money at Build-A-Bear is to combine your purchases at workshops and online retail stores. Your kid can select the toy at the store and then buy outfits and accessories from elsewhere. This way, both you and your kid can be happy with the Build-A-Bear outing.

Big online retailers sell clothing for Build-A-Bear toys at reduced prices. Wheel skates, boots and ballet shoes can cost up to $7 at the workshop. But there are chances you can get the same items at half the price at online stores. Outfits for toys sure look cute, but can also be pricey. So, if your kid wants checkered shirt and denim pants for a teddy bear, it can set you back by at least $15. So, you can save significant money on outfits by shopping online.

Whether you use Build-A-Bear coupons or look for online store discounts, there is way to make your outing a win-win for both you and your kid. With these solid tips, you no longer need to dread every Build-A-Bear outing.