How to store your artificial Christmas tree

How to store your artificial Christmas tree

Storing issues do not arise if you are decorating an outdoor Christmas tree. But most of us do not have an outdoor Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees have many perks but storing them could turn out to be a humongous task if done without any help. The biggest issue is how to handle the artificial Christmas tree base.

Things to do before you store the artificial tree
Before getting ready to store your artificial tree, you need to do the following things:

  • Take off all the decorations.
  • Take your storage bag and tree to the storage area, to minimize the effort needed to store the tree.
  • Compress the artificial tree’s sections, to fit it inside the storage area.
  • Find a cool and dry place for your storage.

How to store your artificial Christmas tree
Storing your Christmas tree is quite easy. You can use the following options to store your Christmas tree and artificial Christmas tree base.

  • Rolling tree storage bag: This bag allows you to store your artificial tree easily. This bag is made of strong plastic and has double zippers and pulls to facilitate easy storage and transportations.
  • Stands: There are many storage options which provide bags as well as storage stands for your artificial tree. These stands may be known as artificial Christmas tree holder, or Christmas tree stands. You can roll up your Christmas tree in a bag and use this stand to store the artificial tree in whichever area you see fit. You can even find wholesale Christmas tree stands at affordable prices; you can use these to store your artificial tree away.
  • Sew a storage bag: If all else fails, you can sew some pieces of cloth together and make a handmade storage bag for your tree as you see fit. This bag will be made to your tree’s size, and you can add various sections and pockets as per your preference. You can store your Christmas tree stand mat in one of the pockets you make.
  • Bags: You can find various storage sets, which provide storage bags for your Christmas tree stand box. It may be hard to find a storage option for your Christmas tree’s stand box after all these things vary in shapes and sizes. If you can’t find a storage compartment for your artificial tree’s stand box, then you can create one at home. You can use old materials and carve out a new and durable storage compartment for your Christmas tree’s stand box. All you’ll need is some glue, screws and old boxes.

Storing your artificial Christmas tree and artificial Christmas tree base is important because these things are delicate. If you leave them out in the open, the Christmas tree will lose its beauty and will get spoiled.