Know More about Special Offers On Trampolines

Know More about Special Offers On Trampolines

A trampoline is a strong, taut stretch of cloth suspended within a strong frame using springs. People bounce on it for competitive and recreational purposes. They come in various sizes and for different age groups. This article lets you know about the different brands and their offers on trampolines.

Springfree 13ft Trampoline
SpringFree’s revolutionary design has managed to reduce 90% of trampoline-related injuries.

  • They use flexible rods instead of springs that go beneath the jumping surface
  • SoftEdge mats are 30 times more shock proof than pads and therefore eliminate hard edges in the jumping surface area
  • The frame is placed beneath the jumping surface, therefore, it’s not possible to fall on
  • FlexiNet safety enclosure ensures the safety of the children and avoids the risks of falling to the ground
  • The size of the mat I’d 13’x13’ ft with a surface area of 155 sq. ft
  • Springfree deal price is set at $2,349

Trampoline USA
Pure Fun Dura-Bounce, a 12 Feet Trampoline & Enclosure is a top class round trampoline that delivers the ultimate fun and gives a perfect bounce with a smooth landing.

  • It’s 72 galvanized spring helps you jump higher and have more fun
  • Its steel frame is rust resistant and galvanized which gives a sturdiness to the entire structure
  • It’s UV resistant polypropylene jumping mat offers durability
  • The entrance to the enclosure is secured with zipper and buckle for ensured closure and added safety
  • The entire enclosure is ASTM approved and TUV/GS Quality & Safety certified, and requires minimal assembly
  • Trampoline USA deal price is set at $399.99

AlleyOOP DoubleBounceTM 14′ trampoline provides double the fun and doubles the safety while reducing the risk of injury with a 50% softer landing than other trampolines while offering a super-springy bounce.

  • AlleyOOP’s PianoSprings provides the best and highest bounce. Each spring is engineered for optimal bounce and durability while giving soft landings
  • Its AirShock Technology provides the smoothest rebound if multiple jumpers are bouncing
  • The padding around the frame is of professional gym-quality that thoroughly covers the trampoline frame and springs in high-density foam and fabric
  • It protects jumpers from touching springs, falling between them, or impacting the frame
  • A second heavy-duty frame and mat are set 8” below the jumping surface that creates a superstructure which makes a shock-absorbing zone between the mats
  • JumpSport deal price is set at $2,099


  • Bellicon’s custom-formulated, low-impact bungee suspension system optimizes your workouts, giving you the best muscle-toning, core-strengthening, cardio-pumping workout
  • Based on your customized selection the approximate price of Bellicon is $459.00