Lift chairs and medical recuperation

Lift chairs and medical recuperation

With the advent of modern furniture design and trend-setting products in the market, it is not difficult to comprehend and connect a fine piece of furniture to multiple uses which result in maximum sales of the product and which also provides ease of access for individuals who need such products.

Lift chairs or more commonly known as lift recliners or simply recliners have been a favorite accessory in the furniture section since their inception in the 1960s. Yes, little does one know that a piece of what we call modern furniture began the journey of its evolution when our parents were young and growing up. Having been in the market for more than half a century, it continues its existence despite the vast change in trend, demand, and choice. Today if someone happens to shop for such a piece of furniture, they will find themselves utterly spoilt for choice.

In the past decade or so, lift chairs have found their way across people’s living rooms to hospital chambers where patients lay under observation recuperating from whatever ailment they were suffering from. A recliner soon became a necessary equipment in the process of a patient recovering from the health trauma they had endured. Such was the trend that what started out as the piece of furniture fit the puzzle perfectly when it came to medical care and comfort of the patient.

Fast forwarding our timeline, the years passed with lift chairs becoming an essential item in medical centers and in homes which housed patients that needed the comfort the best recliner chair provides. In the recent past, the Social Security administration labeled lift chairs as DME or durable medical equipment. This accolade only increased the craze of this furniture type in the market and doubled its business module almost overnight. By the meaning of the term, a DME is categorically defined as a piece of equipment, in this case, furniture which can stay stable despite repeated use and one which is used primarily for medical purposes. Here is where there is a small twist, by accreditation of a loft chair being a DME, it’s the mechanism which is housed inside the furniture which has the label.

In the journey from inception to modern use, today the lift mechanism is found not only in recliners but also on almost all hospital beds which aid in the overall comfort of the patient. This essentially emphasizes the immense contribution lift chairs have imparted to the medical community.