Make your Christmas party fun with holiday party games for adults

Make your Christmas party fun with holiday party games for adults

Who does not like to attend Christmas parties? But only gifts and food can make a party a little bit bland. Just like there are Christmas games for kids, come up with a few holiday party games for adults as well. After all, not only kids but also adults should have all the fun!

Given below are some fun and interactive Christmas games for adults to break the ice and enjoy the party.

Adult reindeer games
Reindeer games are popular among the kids. You may improvise these for adults and play a reindeer game with pantyhose and balloons. The team members will blow up the balloons within a given time and stuff it inside the legs of the pantyhose. In the end, the reindeer members will have to wear the pantyhose on their heads, and the judge will decide who has the best one and announce the winner.

Christmas carol Pictionary
We have all played Pictionary and drew horrible pictures and made even more horrible guesses. Twist that age-old game and play Pictionary with popular Christmas carols. The rules of this game will be the same, except that the group which guesses the song first has to sing it out to get their due points. One of the best holiday party games, Christmas carol Pictionary will make a fun and musical evening.

Christmas dumb charade
Once again a Christmas rendition of one of the popular holiday party games, you may play a dumb charade with classic Christmas holiday movies. The right guesser will not have to act out the entire movie like the previous point; however, you might twist the rules a bit and make them say a dialog or two to get their points.

Christmas truth and lies game
The dangerous game of truth and lies can be friendly and fun and much less controversial when played in a Christmas-y context. Make the person to whom the bottle points say the best or worst Christmas gift ever received one should be true and another must be a lie. All other players must do their best to guess which one is real and which one is just made up.

All the games mentioned above are easy to play and interesting. You must move over simple Santa games for toddlers and bring out the child in you with all these fun and engaging Christmas party games with your friends and family.