Types and benefits of Murphy beds

Types and benefits of Murphy beds

A bed is considered as a major investment and if not chosen wisely then it can impact your bodily comfort. The bed is one of the most important types of furniture as most of us need a bed in our rooms. However, you will find people having no beds, only mattresses in their rooms as well. But if you are planning to buy a bed, then consider investing in a Murphy bed as it can be an ideal choice for Americans who are struggling with tighter spaces and smaller homes. This bed can give you an additional space which can become your bedroom as well as your hobby room or even a dining room. It has everything in it to make it the coolest bed ever.

Murphy beds have been named after William Murphy, who was troubled by tight spaces and clutter invented it to de-clutter his life. This bed can be flipped both horizontally and vertically on either side. It also has been designed to suit your space availability and can be stocked up in a closet or a cabinet. It also saves people who have a lot of guests from last minute stress or trouble. With the availability of these beds, they don’t need to think much about the sleeping space for their guests. Murphy beds come as a boon to save people from making last minute arrangements. It is a bed which gives comfort without making many sacrifices.

Another unique feature of this bed is that they do not contain footboards, headboards or bed rails.In the earlier 20th century, Murphy beds were transformed and made to include various features such as modular cabinetry with glass, mirrors, lighting, and some additional storage facilities.

Advantages of Murphy beds
Murphy beds have a clear advantage over other beds. One of the biggest advantage sofa Murphy bed is that it could help in achieving a multipurpose room. It allows you to have all that space you wanted to have in your home. It also gives an advantage of being creative and transforming it into whatever you like. With a little bit of customization, it can match the Murphy bed to existing woodwork to blend in with the color of the cabinet.

The most common style of Murphy bed found in the bedroom or living room is the wall bed where the head end is stored inside the wall of the room. In such designs, both the bed and the closet is hidden in the wall or behind the cabinet or closet door. This is the most preferred style in the suburbs where people are constantly making an effort to create more spaces in their rooms. There is another variation in these beds where the bed when folded looks exactly like a wall as its bottom is fixed with a solid panel. The other variation in these beds is the swinging arm feature which is embedded with castors for more convenience. Another popular feature of it is a hideaway bed which could be folded easily when not in use. A different type of Murphy bed is placed on the swing arm, unlike the previous beds where the head end was on casters. A similar type of bed is called as the hideaway bed, which can be folded when not in use.The other design of Murphy bed includes Bi fold Murphy bed, Flip-up desk Murphy Bed, Library Murphy Bed, Desk bed etc.

Here are some interesting designs by Murphy beds:
Library Murphy bed:
This bed comes with an elegant looking bookshelf. If you are a book lover, then buying this bed will give you the advantage of getting a readymade bookshelf when you buy your bed. The mattress that you pull down is right at the center of the entire bed unit.

Bi-fold Murphy bed: This bed comes with a stylish cabinet (two doors) and when you need to sleep, you can open the doors as if you are opening the cabinet and pull the bed out.

Flip-up desk Murphy bed: These are apt for people who work at home most of the time as this bed when flipped closed, becomes a desk that can be used to work on.