Natural ways to get rid of a tan

Natural ways to get rid of a tan

You have just had a wonderful summer break basking and fishing with loved ones in the sunny weather. However, when you come back to reality, you see a how tanned you are from your summer holiday! There is no reason for panic, for there are umpteen ways and wonderful remedies that can help you get rid of this tan and revert to your normal shade within weeks.

Tan lines are dark lines that are sometimes accompanied with burning and itching and makes you feel like your skin is completely ruined. They normally make their appearance when you spend lots of time basking in the sun, swimming or fishing in a hot, tropical or humid climate. A tan that is caused by the sun usually takes a good couple of weeks to fade off.

Home Remedies to Clear a Tan

  • Cabbage Leaves: Cabbage leaves are known to work wonders to get rid of the tan. All one needs to do is position the leaves of a cabbage on the tanned areas for around twenty minutes. Cabbage leaves boast of anti-inflammatory properties and are also rich in Vitamin C, K and A, helping remove a tan very easily.
  • Turmeric and Milk: Take around two tbsps. of milk and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply this mixture on the tanned areas and wash off with water once it gets dry. Ensure you repeat this routine daily until the tan vanishes.
  • Bitter Gourd: Squeeze the juice of a bitter gourd and apply this on the tan affected areas. Ensure you massage this juice onto the area for a couple of minutes. Leave this for around seven minutes and then rinse it off.
  • Plain Yogurt: Applying yogurt on tanned areas for about a quarter of an hour removes a tan.
  • Wheat Flour: Mixing a couple of tbsps. of wheat flour along with water and applying this onto the affected areas removes a tan.
  • Sugar and Lime: Mixing sugar and lime and applying this as a scrub by massaging it onto the affected parts gently is known to work wonders for removing tan.
  • Honey and Ripe Papaya: Mash up about half a cup of papaya with one tbsp. of honey. Apply this mixture on the tanned areas for 30 minutes and wash with cold water.
  • Cucumber Extract, Lemon Juice and Rose Water: Mix one tbsp. each of rose water, lemon juice and cucumber extract in a bowl and dab generous amounts on your tanned skin.

A great preventive measure for tanning is to apply sun screen lotion and wear full sleeved attire when you’re out in the sun.