Popular Christian baby names in the last century

Popular Christian baby names in the last century

Whether you are the kind of mommy who loves traditional baby names or is a hipster mom who thinks that fruits and cities too make for like, picking a baby name is definitely a tricky task. Here are some of the handpicked and most popular Christian baby names that the last century has seen. Take a look!

William a popular name of the 1900s
Most of the parents today see this name as a conservative one. While there have been a number of modern variations to these, the name William has been a famous Christian baby name in the early 1900s. Do not like the traditional William? Do not fret and tweak this conventional baby name with a stylish twist of ‘Will’ and you are good to go.

John Meaning god is gracious
It is interesting to see that for near four centuries, John topped the list as one of the most famous options for Christian baby names. The name gets its inspiration from John the Baptist. While it is also seen that the name has lost its admiration over the last two decades but the newer variations include names such as Jonathan and Jack.

Lisa Rules the charts in the 1960s
Lisa has been one of the top baby names from the year 1960 to 1969. While the name has gained its popularity from the hit song of Elvis Presley, ‘Mona Lisa’. On a similar note, if you are a Da Vinci fan, then why not add a variant to this and name your baby girl Mona Lisa. While if you think, you want to tweak the original name with a similar ring, then go for Liesel or Elisabeth.

Jessica let your baby share her moniker with a Hollywood star
From Jessica Simpson to Jessica Alba, this particular name had made its spot in the top baby names throughout the 1980s and 1990s. If you are in for a more trendy and modern variation to this, then name your baby daughter Jessa, which is a less common name, Jess or simply Jessie.

Madison Gained popularity in the later years
While the name ‘Madison’, was inspired by the classic mermaid film of the 1980s, Splash, the name took its own time to become famous as a baby name. But it is only in the recent years you will notice that one in every ten kids are named Madison.