Popular DIRECTV packages to avail of

Popular DIRECTV packages to avail of

DIRECTV deals on TV packages are quite popular among customers looking for affordable and reliable television services. This service provider is known to offer great value for money with their innumerable plans. Moreover, several DIRECTV promotions are offered with these sometimes. No matter the budget, there is something for everyone. Here are a few popular TV packages from DIRECTV.

Entertainment Package
Reasonably priced at around $64.99 per month, the Entertainment package included a total of 160 channels. These include channels for sports enthusiasts and customer favorites such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and ESPN2. In addition, this package also offers channel premium preview for three months. This feature is often a part of DIRECTV promotions. Moreover, customers can access more than 40,000 titles on demand.

Choice™ Package
At just around $69.99 per month, customers get a blockbuster DIRECTV promotion deal with the Choice™ package, which includes more than 185 channels. What’s more is that there is a premium channel preview thrown in as well. In addition, there are more than 45,000 titles available on demand. Along with this, customers get 2021 season’s NFL Sunday ticket. Plus, a one-year subscription of HBO Max™ is often an added plus as a DIRECTV promotional offer!

Ultimate Package
Customers get access to a whopping 250 channels and more with this DIRECTV promotion deal on TV package. Called the Ultimate package, it is priced are around $84.99 per month. There is an additional Regional sports fee as well. This package has more than 55,000 tiles on demand along with access to tons of films with Starz Encore and the Movie channel. In addition, there is three-month premium channel preview as well. Also, the Ultimate Package offers 2021 season’s NFL Sunday ticket as well as one-year subscription of HBO Max™, which is a DIRECTV promotional offer.

Premier™ Package
For those who want premier and open access to all DIRECTV deals on TV packages, the Premier™ package is the right choice. It has a staggering number of options when it comes to some solid entertainment on TV. Priced at around $134.99 per month, this package includes more than 330 channels. Movie buffs will especially like this package as it includes some of the major entertainment channels such as SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, and HBO®. Moreover, it has some great channels for sports fans as well such as NBS sports and ESPN Classic. Also, the package includes the 2021 season’s NFL Sunday ticket. Along with this, customers get a one-year access to HBO Max™ and more than 65,000 titles on demand.