Popular types of independent living options for seniors

Popular types of independent living options for seniors

Independent living for seniors is a convenient way to enjoy life without worrying about the daily monotony of managing a home. Most seniors over the age of 55 now prefer staying in houses that require lesser maintenance, and upkeep.

Independent living allows seniors to enjoy their everyday freedom while living in a conducive environment that can give them a sense of community, adequate mental, and physical stimulation, enough social interaction, and more! Most independent living accommodations offer numerous services including pre-packed meals, laundry, housekeeping, transportation, etc. While most independent living for seniors is in the form of fully equipped private apartments, some people may stay in cottages, condominiums, and single-family homes.

Often, people use independent living for seniors interchangeably with assisted living. While both concepts involve seniors, these are significantly different. The major difference being that independent living for seniors is a set up where residents do not require any sort of assistance with their daily activities. If the many senior housing options confuse you, check out some of the popular types of independent living accommodations that are available for seniors.

Senior apartments
This is one of the most common types of independent living option available for seniors. This is a life that people who desire to live amidst the conveniences of a community opt for. These apartments are usually equipped with certain services that make the lives of seniors comfortable, and happy. Some of the common services offered in independent living for seniors include recreational and educational programs, meals services, transportation, etc.

Housing units
Senior residents can either rent or buy these accommodations based on their needs, and budget. Single family homes, cottages, duplexes, townhouses, mobile homes, etc. are some of the housing units that senior communities may offer. Most of these independent housing units are strategically located beside a senior living community.

Subsidized housing
The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers affordable accommodations as a part of independent living for seniors to those who belong to a low-income group. These houses can only be bought by seniors who fit all the criteria entirely. Many seniors wait for several months before getting ownership of their houses as most of these have lengthy waiting lists.

Naturally occurring retirement community or NORC is the one that has many senior residents but the community was originally not dedicated towards seniors only. These communities are created organically when people age over time. Naturally occurring retirement communities merely have several older people living in a community but these clusters are not created specifically to meet the requirements of seniors.