Pros and cons of a mobile home

Pros and cons of a mobile home

If you can’t afford a small place by the beach or bay, then a mobile home may come as a savior. In the late 1960’s, the mobile homes were considered as a new thing in vogue. But by early 2000’s, it became common in the US with around 18 million people living in 7 million mobile homes. A mobile home comes with a lower price but has its pros and cons too.

All buildings and properties tend to depreciate its value with time. But mobile homes for rent with renters residing them for a longer time may cause problems. The mobile homes’ rent may hike up 10% every year which could be an advantage to the homeowners. With the depreciation of mobile homes after a period of time, the renters have to worry about the damage to their land or property. Selling of Mobile homes may be an easier task, but it comes with a lot of repair and maintenance.

A mobile home which is vacant during winters may require a lot of repairs due to leakage and other issues. During winters, there is a risk for the freezing of pipes in an empty home because of its lack of usage. With the tenants, the water is in constant use, and there are fewer chances of winter damage. A disadvantage of living in a mobile home is that the residents or the tenants must follow some ground rules pertaining to the home and its surroundings.

There are certain hard and fast rules for pets and loud music. The pets are required to be kept under leash 24/7 outside the house. The tenants who fail to do this will be given an eviction notice or must pay a hefty fine. The tenants are strictly advised not to play loud music both inside and outside the house. They have to keep their surroundings neat and clean, failing at it may require them to vacate the rented trailer.

The best part about living in a mobile home for rent is that it is affordable and you don’t need to worry much about renovating it. If you opt for one of the used mobile homes for rent, then you could get your monthly cost down to $300 to $500 a month.