Saatva Mattress, Purple, and Sleep Number – Which One to Choose

Saatva Mattress, Purple, and Sleep Number – Which One to Choose

Technology has been able to offer fruitful results in every domain of human lives and in recent time, it has reached out to provide the utmost level of comfort through mattresses as well. Various mattress brands have been emerging in the country’s markets to offer the ultimate level of comfort, coziness, and firmness to people who suffer from sleepless nights due to insomnia. Moreover, in order to know which brand can cater to your sleeping requirements, you should compare various brands to get the real picture.

Sleep Number®
Sleep Number® has received much recognition due to its air beds that can be adjusted as per your needs. You can change the support and firmness of the bed that you can offer you ultimate comfort only through a remote control.

  • The 360® smart beds and classic series have gained much popularity due to the advanced technology used in them. By using the 360® Smart Beds, you are offered FlexFit™ base which can be adjusted. Moreover, the SleepIQ® technology lets you track your night’s sleep with the score.
  • The beds with dual air chambers are ideal for the couples as every user can make bed adjustments as per their preference.
  • Each section of the bed comes with a different price range and the basic model starts at around $899. However, the smart beds can cost up to $4,999 because of the cutting-edge technology used in them.
  • The company offers you a free trial where you can get uninterrupted 100 nights of sleep.

Saatva Mattress
The key features of this brand make the products stand out from the crowd as sleepers are provided with luxury firm, plush soft, and firm mattress.

  • People who prefer to feel enveloped in linens and bed, plush soft mattress just can be the right thing for them.
  • Saatva’s luxury firm is for the people who switch positions too often while sleeping. Additionally, getting a hotel-like luxurious mattress is now available in your bedroom.
  • Sleepers who tend to sleep on their stomach or back can consider using the firm mattress from Saatva Mattress. Mostly, healthcare professionals recommend sleeping on firm mattresses to avoid the risk of back pain or other physical conditions.

The hyper-elastic Polymer™ technology used in the mattress makes sure that the mattress has a free air flow feature. Additionally, the Sleep Cool option can relax and calm your mind so that you can naturally get 8 hours of sleep. Durability, non-toxic, and allergen-resistant are other features that offer you an impeccable experience through the products of Purple.

  • The unique components such as a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ or top-layer of the mattress offer pressure relief and bounciness.
  • The other layer is made of polyester-lycra, viscose, and polyester that make the mattress breathable.
  • The mattresses are similar to latex mattress which has the feature of cool sleeping along with springing back in a jiffy.

Bottom Line
Saatva Mattress, Sleep Number®, and Purple may serve the same purpose but different technology is used in them. If you like to adjust every bed setting, then Sleep Number® can be the ideal option for you. In addition to the context, for pressure-relief and relaxation, Purple has the premium quality mattress to offer. On the contrary, the firm mattresses of Saatva have a thicker comfort layer than Purple.

  • The construction of each mattress is different and this leads to various kinds of level of touch and feel.
  • Saatva can be the ideal choice if you prefer a traditional and firm mattress over the modern ones. The large mattress has an unbelievable comfort layer.
  • The 100 nights free trial offer is available for Sleep Number® and Purple which can enable the buyers to understand how the pressure relief or comfort layer work against their bodies.
  • If you have an irregular sleeping pattern, then SleepIQ® technology used in the 360® Smart Beds of Sleep Number® can offer to track your deep sleep pattern. Additionally, the scoring method can help you understand whether your sleeping pattern has improved.