Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – The future of communications

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – The future of communications

As of 12th February 2020, Samsung Electronics has unveiled the S20 series, which claims to be built for the future of communication. The line-up for this release is fabulous and comprises 5G flagship devices that come with AI camera technologies.

Everything about the Samsung Galaxy S20 series press release
The Samsung Galaxy S20 series was unveiled during the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event in San Francisco. The series brings three new models: the Samsung Galaxy S20, the Samsung Galaxy S20+, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. All the devices in the series come with a variety of new features, including the new One UI 2 interface, smooth gaming, 5G connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Buds+, and an AI-powered camera.

Sounds fancy! Let us take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S20+ to gauge whether it is worth its price.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S20+ stand out?
Since the release accommodates a series of devices, they are all bound to have certain similar specifications, like the Android version, the number of sensors, authentication methods, and the supported audio and video playback formats. At the same time, the phones in the series vary in terms of the colors, screen size, dimensions, and storage.

The Galaxy S20+, which is available for $1,199.99, comes in three colors: Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, and Cosmic Black, whereas the Galaxy Ultra comes in just two colors. The size of the screen also varies among the devices. While the S20+ has a screen size of 6.7 inches, the S20 and S20 Ultra have screens of 6.2 and 6.9 inches, respectively. The S20+ also has a quad rear camera and weighs 186g. In terms of internal storage, you can choose from three options of 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB for the S20+, and it comes with a typical battery capacity of 4500mAh.

The series will be officially launched in stores on 6 March, 2020, but online pre-orders for the phones will begin from 21 February. However, the pre-ordered phones will only be delivered after the series is made available in stores on 6 March.

Happy spending!