Shop for the perfect spring summer dress at J C Penney outlets

Shop for the perfect spring summer dress at J C Penney outlets

Each new season brings with it a sense of something new. We try and reinvent ourselves with the onset of each new season so that we can flaunt a whole new personality and move with the changing climes and times. You might also find that shopping for a new wardrobe becomes especially exciting during the onset of spring or summer. This is the time when we like to go out and indulge our outdoor streak even as we get into the mood for parties, outings and social interactions.

The dress is a feminine expression that many women like to don, especially during the spring and summer months when they do not have to cover themselves with bulky and layered clothing like trousers, coats and such. There are a number of different styles that we can wear to show off our fun spring and summer side. Take a look at some of the pieces that are on display in prominent retail chains like J C Penney to know more about these styles, so that you can pick the one you love!

• The Off-shoulder: This is an old but charming trend from the 90s that has resurfaced recently. This is the perfect spring dress because it gives you sleeves for the evenings and you can play style peek-a-boo without catching that chill after dusk. Wear this dress to the mall or the beach as well as on a walk. Also, if you are feeling particularly playful, you can even wear it for that next date! This kind of a cut is available for many kinds of dresses at J C Penney outlets. You can choose from pretty floral prints to solid colors so that you can show off those shoulders in style!

• Stripes: Nothing defines the transition from spring to summer like stripes. Borrowed from the robust and the exotic, this style has been a classic on runways and personal wardrobes for many decades. Team your striped dress with a lace shrug or simply put on a pair of bold colored sandals to do all the talking. You can choose pleated pieces with V-necks for a semi-formal look that will be great for the workplace too. Or simply go casual with a fabric that flows and makes heads turn with this statement. Remember to wear this look with chunky jewelry like plenty of bracelets!

• Bright pastels: This is a whole new niche of colors that has taken the world of fashion by storm. These bright pastels have been inspired by the hand-dyed fabrics of the Asian countries even as they retain their global beauty with pretty prints and patterns. Invest in a piece or two from the collection at a J C Penney outlet. You can choose a dress that has an orange base and a piece overtone so that it looks subtle for spring and solid for summer as well. Wear with white sandals and hoop earrings for a look that says “hot and cool!�