Things to consider when decorating a 12 foot Christmas tree

Things to consider when decorating a 12 foot Christmas tree

A magical Christmas time feels incomplete without a 12 foot Christmas tree. Christmas trees come in various sizes, but with the passage of time, a 12 foot Christmas tree somehow became a popular choice for Christmas decorations.

Types of Christmas trees
You can find various kinds of Christmas trees for your Christmas decoration. Given below are some of the choices:
Pre-lit or Non-pre-lit: Pre-lit Christmas trees come with lights already attached to them. These are only found on artificial trees. Christmas trees which aren’t pre-lit are the normal ones. These can be artificial or not.
Type: You need to choose the kind of tree you’d want. The three choices are a true needle, pine needle, or classic needle.
Sizes: The sizes for a Christmas tree vary and are mainly 7 foot Christmas tree, 4 foot Christmas tree, 4 foot lighted Christmas tree, 5 foot Christmas tree, and 9 foot Christmas tree.

Things to keep in mind while decorating a 12 foot Christmas tree
Christmas tree decoration is a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing. Here are a few tips which will allow you to decorate a 12 foot Christmas tree like a pro:
Location: Always find a place to showcase your tree. The location should not only be a great place to view the tree but should also give you room to decorate the tree.

Decorations: While gathering decorations, the room and environment should be greatly favored. It doesn’t do justice to the tree if you have mismatched decorations. The tree should be a part of the room.

Lights: Hang lights to your Christmas tree. Christmas lights or any other form of lights can be used. You can even use a specific color for your Christmas tree if you want. Specific colors will give you a more personalized look for your tree. Remember not to add too many lights. Too many lights will take away the beauty of the tree.

Ornaments: Ornaments are the best way to make your tree look beautiful. Be it Christmas toppers or simple Christmas balls, wooden, or plastic, you can always add any kind of ornaments to your Christmas tree. Remember not to overload the trees as overloading will spoil your ornaments as well as the tree.

Garlands: Make use of different kinds of garlands. A foil or tin garland can be loosely spread out on the tree, a beaded garland can be added from branch to branch, and glittery garlands can be used anywhere. It must be remembered that garlands go around the tree. Never drape garlands vertically. Also, the volume of the garlands should gradually increase when you go downwards.

Use the tips mentioned above to decorate your 12 foot Christmas tree.