Top 4 popular luxury cars to consider buying

Top 4 popular luxury cars to consider buying

Every year, many luxury cars are manufactured and sold by various automobile companies but not all luxury cars are the most liked by the customers. Since every vehicle is different and provides the customer with different features, how do you know which cars are the most popular luxury cars? We will help you by filtering out the best luxury cars and providing you with a list of top cars from which you can choose further.

BMW: The leading luxury cars in the market
According to the statistics, the German-based automobile company BMW is the most bought and popular luxury car company in the US market. Despite various bottlenecks and issues that had come up due to the Covid pandemic, in the year 2021, BMW sold more than 336 thousand units in the country and 22,13,795 units worldwide. Most sold BMW models in the country for the year 2021 were the X3 and X5 models. For three consecutive years, BMW has remained on top by outselling its rivals Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. All of these things combined make BMW the top most popular luxury brand.

Tesla: The futuristic luxury cars
Although BMW sold the most cars in the country in 2021, Tesla stayed relatively close to BMW by selling 313 thousand units in the country alone. This USA-based automobile sold over 6.5 million electric cars worldwide, leading the global EV market by 14%. The most sold car by Tesla in 2021 was the Model 3 sedan, which also comes in the country’s top 10 best-selling cars list.

Lexus Toyota: The consistently good luxury car
Lexus, the Japanese-owned automobile company, showed the third highest sales in the country, selling units of 304 thousand cars. Globally, Lexus sold up to 760,012 units in 2021, 106% compared to its previous year’s sales. The most sold Lexus car in the country for 2021 was the R350 model. Lexus was very close to the sales of Tesla in 2021, which only makes one wonder whether it will outdo its previous year’s performance and move ahead of Tesla to become the second most popular luxury car in the future.

Mercedes-Benz: Last in the list, but not the least
This German-owned automobile company sold more than 276 thousand cars in 2021, ranking fourth in our popular luxury cars list. However, Mercedes-Benz sold over 2 million cars in the year 2020. Due to the supply chain problems the company witnessed, it could not cross the same numbers in the year 2021, ranging its sales from 1.9 million to 2 million cars. The model with the highest sales for Mercedes-Benz worldwide was the long-wheelbase E-class, while the top-rated luxury car in the country was the GLE car.

Although not every single model manufactured by these car brands has been given high customer praise, the majority of cars produced by these luxury car brands have shown promising results and remain the customer’s favorites when choosing a car for themselves. With advanced features and a high level of comfort, these luxury brands have had many different models fitting the needs of various people. With a high customer satisfaction rate, these 4 luxury car brands are the manufacturers of the most popular luxury cars in the country and worldwide. We hope this guide helps you the next time you plan on buying a luxury car.