What roadside assistance does not cover?

What roadside assistance does not cover?

When you are on a long drive, there are so many chances for your car to break down. It may be due to over heating or any kind of mechanical failure the worst part is when you are with family. This is when roadside assistance comes to rescue. It is coverage that you get from your car insurance company. When you take insurance for your car, they partner you with businesses that provide roadside assistance services or to a team who contacts and arranges a similar service on their behalf. Roadside assistance covers from towing service to fuel delivery. Car break down happens with most of the car owners. Insuring against such future event will be a prudent choice.

What is progressive roadside assistance?
Most of you who look for roadside assistance program in insurance, should know about progressive roadside assistance. It is one of the better options as it covers 24/7, 365 days’ coverage for the following situations:

Car break downs with mechanical or electrical failure
Locked out of your car
Discharged battery, broken brakes or flat tire
vehicle stuck in mud, water, snow or sand
Vehicle that need gas, oil or fuel

If you faced any of the above mentioned situation and have a progressive roadside assistance coverage, you will hato call to the customer care number provided by customer service attendant or dispatch operator will direct necessary help to you. If the situation is severe and if the time it takes for them to reach you is long they would instantly provide you the nearest service station number to get help. You will not have to make any direct expenses since it’s sign and drive plan and the charges are included in the coverage. Many insurance company do not give a progressive roadside assistance at it was hard to carry out the service. knowing roadside assistance, you should also be aware about what they do not cover.

The roadside assistance might not include towing of vehicle off a boat dock or marina. Installation or removal of snow tires and chains. They might not even include charging a weak or a dead battery.

Hence before you get a road assistance with your program, make sure that you go through all the terms and conditions before taking up the road assistance program.