Five most popular free email services

Five most popular free email services

Though social networking sites have created quite a buzz and radically transformed the very basis of communication across the globe, email still remains an indispensable medium of business communication on the internet. What’s strange is that a large percentage of people exchanging emails on a daily basis remain oblivious to the fact that when it comes to free email services, you can be spoilt for choice! Here’s a list of 5 most popular email providers that you can switch to to make your mere mailing experience more efficient and fun.

The reason for gmail’s unprecedented popularity is its simplicity and user friendly setup. It rewards you with 10 GB of free space, filters spams efficiently and is accessible via mobile devices. It has a built in chat feature which enables you to make video and voice calls or chat by text. Gmail is enabled with a search bar that allows you to retrieve long forgotten or old mails. You can organize, sort, star or search mail with just a click. What’s even better, the fast and rich web interface works offline too!
Hotmail underwent an extremely impressive transformation into Outlook’s minimalistic advertising is one of its most adorable unobtrusive feature. The service also enables you to retrieve deleted mails and automatically sweeps and blocks unwanted mails. Outlook comes offers a plethora of features like social media integration, file size sorting, integrated photo viewer and many more!

ZOHO mail
Zoho mail is another powerful service that gives you ample storage and comes with POP and IMAP access. ZOHO has amazing integration with instant messaging and online offline suits. Preferred by most professionals, this service has a very efficient organizing setup that enables you to even send oft used replies.

Yahoo mail
Another free mailing service available on web and mobile devices, Yahoo mail, offers unlimited email storage, social networking, instant messaging and SMS texting. Yahoo enables you to send up to 50 files or 100 MB files all in a single mail! Yahoo automatically sorts your emails and organizes lower priority mails like newsletters in a separate folder.

A lesser known service, GMX is quite reliable when it comes to filtering spams and viruses. It makes use of SSL encryption to ensure protection from viruses. Like most other email services, GMX too offers unlimited storage and allows up to 500MB of attachments.

Free email service is a great way to enhance your online experience. Let not ignorance, complacence, resistance to change or mere lethargy stop you from being picky. Happy Mailing!